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Grazing Package Info, please read 

View our packages to see what interests you, you may also be interested in "building your own graze" just view link above for our instructions and options available. Please keep in mind some items aren't available year round and may have to be adjusted according to the season. If you are looking for something more custom to your tastes, please view our "build your own graze" tab above.

Our grazing packages are set-up with two options in mind. 

  1. "finger food graze" - more like appetizer type food, needing cocktail plates and forks                                                                             or

  2. "family style graze" which is not necessarily set-up on the table you are eating on (but can be), but rather a buffet type of set-up using more platters and chafing dishes. This set-up will require plates, forks knives etc. we recommend with choosing this type of graze you should have enough tables and chairs for guests, as nobody likes to eat cutting into foods while standing, this we try to avoid.

Frequently asked questions - 

  1. I love the finger food grazing options, will it be enough to fill my guests? Yes, we make sure to include enough food to satisfy everyones appetite. 

  2. Do you provide plates, forks, knives, napkins etc. for my graze? We provide cocktail plates and napkins for finger food graze, for the family style graze, we offer plates, forks, knives, napkins, etc. for an additional charge or client can provide their own. 

  3. Do I need staff to serve or clean-up my graze? For our finger food graze its more hors d'oeuvre type food, so a chef and server are required as they will be reheating and replenishing food as the event goes on. For our family style graze, it can be done without staff, but the client is required to clean all platters, chafing inserts, serving utensils etc. and a pick-up will be scheduled for later that day or for night events the following morning. This is why we recommend staffing for all grazing tables. 

  4. Are there any additional fees outside of food price and staffing costs? Yes, we do have delivery / pick up fees which vary depending on location from our shop. Also for the set-up and time of setting up your graze is an additional cost, also depending on size of graze. These additional costs are for rental of platters, risers, candles, flowers and or greenery as well as the staffs time at your location to set-up graze. Also keep in mind that if choosing a family style graze with no staff, you may as the client have to warm and replenish your graze, another reason staff is key for a stress free and succesful event. 

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